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Nanofluidics: strange flows, ionic machines and blue energy

Lydéric Boquet (CNRS, ENS Paris)
Quand ? Le 08/03/2021,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? Web Seminar
Participants Lydéric Boquet
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The field of nanofluidics explores the transport of fluids and ionic species at the nanoscale. In contrast to solid state physics, where nanoscale behavior has been studied for a long time, the exploration of hydrodynamics and fluid transport at the smallest scales has only emerged in the last fifteen years or so, notably thanks to the development of new nanomaterials, from nanopores, nanotubes, to 2D materials. This is an exciting time for nanofluidics, because many 'strange' properties have been unveiled in these systems, such as the almost frictionless flow of water in carbon channels, dielectric anomalies in ultra-confined water, ion Coulomb blocking signatures or Coulomb drag effects.

In this talk, I will discuss various experimental and theoretical results that we have obtained in the Micromégas team. I will focus in particular on nanofluidic transport for the water-carbon and water-BN couples, which show most specific behaviors. I will then discuss how the transport specificities can be used as basic elements to build ionic machines, up to artificial neuromorphic systems. In a more applicative context, I will describe how we can take advantage of these unique transport properties to develop innovative solutions for osmotic energy and water remediation.

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