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Particular waves and instabilities

Anubhab Roy (IIT Madras)
Quand ? Le 23/05/2022,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? Salle des Thèses
Participants Anubhab Roy
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Particle-laden flows find relevance in numerous natural and industrial settings. Industrial coating processes, sediment transport and turbidity currents in oceanic environments, and the disk-like flow of gas and dust particles (accretion disk) in outer space; particle-laden flows are ubiquitous. A dispersed phase affects the flow dynamics via several diverse mechanisms. The underlying particulate microstructure can alter the viscosity and density of the suspension, introduce non-Newtonian rheology due to hydrodynamic interactions and for inertial particles modulate the flow via the inter-phase drag. Could these additional physics be responsible for the particulate phase destabilising a background flow? In this talk, I will try to answer this question by first providing an overview of the diverse coupling mechanisms between the dispersed and the carrier phases and then discuss two scenarios where one observes purely “particular” instabilities.

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