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Quantum impulse control

Christopher Jarzynski (Univ. of Maryland)
When May 30, 2022
from 11:00 to 12:00
Where Amphi Sciences de la Matière
Attendees Christopher Jarzynski
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The quantum adiabatic theorem governs the evolution of a wavefunction under a slowly time-varying Hamiltonian.  I will consider the opposite limit of a Hamiltonian that is varied impulsively: an infinitely strong perturbation is applied over an infinitesimal time interval.  When the strength and duration of the perturbation scale appropriately, the impulse causes a wavefunction to undergo a sudden displacement and/or deformation. Remarkably, this evolution is described by a purely classical construction.  I will use these results to show how tailored impulses can be used to control the behavior of a quantum wavefunction, in one or more degrees of freedom.

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