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Spatial signatures of dryland resilience

Sonia Kéfi (Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution - Montpellier)
Quand ? Le 05/06/2023,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? Salle des Thèses
Participants Sonia Kéfi
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With ongoing global change, ecosystems are rapidly changing. Some of them are unexpectedly breaking down, which coincides with losses of species, habitats and ecosystem services. For instance, overgrazing and climate change can suddenly turn drylands into deserts. Because of the potential dramatic ecological and economic consequences of ecosystem shifts, efforts have been devoted to devising early warnings that indicate major restructuring of a system symptomatic of an impending shift. More particularly, it has recently been suggested that the spatial organization of ecosystems may be used to assess their degradation level. After presenting an overview of the theory, I will discuss applications in real ecosystems.

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