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Vous êtes ici : Accueil / Séminaires / Machine Learning and Signal Processing / Adaptive large-scale graph signal denoising

Adaptive large-scale graph signal denoising

Fabien Navarro (enseignant-chercheur ENSAI, Rennes)
Quand ? Le 30/03/2021,
de 14:00 à 15:00
Participants Fabien Navarro
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Title: Adaptive large-scale graph signal denoising

Abstract: Graph signal processing focuses on extending the theory and methodologies of standard signal processing to signals defined on the vertices of a graph. Increasingly popular because of the flexibility of the underlying structure, this research area can be applied in many contexts such as telecommunications networks, social networks, organic chemistry, neurology or deep learning.
In this talk, we consider in particular the case of signal denoising on graphs. The proposed methodology consists in applying a data-driven thresholding procedure in a well-chosen transformed domain, in which the signal is presumed sparsely represented. The threshold calibration is obtained by minimizing Stein's unbiased risk estimate adapted to the chosen transformation. An attempt to extend this adaptive procedure to large-scale graphs, using Chebyshev polynomial approximation of the functional computation, is also proposed. Finally, we provide an evaluation of the empirical performance of the method as well as a comparison with penalized estimators.

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