Connection to front machines

please follow these instructions to generate your PSMN SSH key pair.

To connect to PSMN cluster, you need to use SSH ( Secure SHell ). The easiest way is to use the following command:

  • From a Linux or a MacOS X computer, open a terminal and type:

Once connected to allo-psmn, you have access to your home-directory and therefore all your files.

allo-psmn is a connection server, it only allows you to access and to transfer your files and that's all. Its only purpose is to connect to the PSMN's network to access front machines.
To work on PSMN cluster, you need to connect from allo-psmn to one of the compilation server (front-end servers).

To do so, type the following command on allo-psmn (from MacOSX user replace -X by -Y):

ssh -X nom_serveur_de_compilation

with nom_serveur_de_compilation is the name of one of the front-end compilation server.

You can simplify your use of SSH commands by using a pair of SSH keys, an SSH agent and a suitable configuration (see next paragraph).

If you already have a pair of SSH authentication keys without password, copy the public key ( in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Besides, if you also have a personal pair of SSH authentication keys (with passphrase), you can add your personal SSH public key ( to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

Connection from outside of the ENS

Please follow this documentation.

Use SSH key and SSH agent

To automatize your connections and your copies, you need to use a pair of SSH keys and a SSH agent, see documentation.

You will find :

Use (and automatize) multi-hop SSH

To automatize even more your connections and your copies, you can use multi-hop SSH, by following the documentation.

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