Data Center

The Next Generation Data Center, delivered at the end of November 2017 and operational in December 2017.
Urbanized with 65 48U and 33 InRow racks, it hosts:
- 15 racks for the administrative IT department
- eight-rack research lab computer labs
- Grid 5000 servers, four racks
- CBP's eight-rack servers
- HPC servers (high-density up to 21kW per rack) of the PSMN 30 racks
in five specific cubes individually monitored.
The room area is about 200 m² and the IT power is scalable from 650 kW to 850 kW.

The total electrical power available is that of a 20,000-volt cell.
Three inverters (all secured by batteries) deliver a power of 750 KW:

  • A 400 watt inverter with a six-minute run time at full load for the HPC.
  • A 200-kW inverter with a 30-minute run time at full load for the DSI.
  • One 150kW UPS with 20 minutes of full load time for storage and labs.

Finally, there is still a reserve of more than 200 KW not corrugated, not secured by battery.

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