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20240422 / Energy crisis

Due to “high pressure from above & outside”, we are going to reduce PSMN's energy footprint by any means possible.

Changes are applied starting today. More info will come later.

2024/04/22 07:04 · ltaulell

20240410 / scratch/Cral on Cascade

We are changing RAM modules on one of /scratch/Cral servers. Files and directories may act weirdly for a few moments.

EDIT 11:45: done. Back to norminal.

2024/04/10 08:11 · ltaulell

20240408 / scratch/Cral on Cascade

One of scratch/Cral servers is having hardware issues, getting it to protected mode. Hence 1/4 of files disappearing momentarely. We know, we're on it. It might take a few days to resolve.

2024/04/08 11:52 · ltaulell

20240402 / PDU on Cascade

a PDU (power distribution unit) decided to die.

It has been replaced, impacted nodes restarted (s92node[81-84,87-90,109-112]).

Jobs have been lost.

2024/04/02 09:34 · ltaulell

20240322 / Cascade reconfig

Cascade and Cascade-flix partitions have been reshuffle.

Aaaaannd a power supply unit decided to RUD.

2024/03/22 08:30 · ltaulell
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