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Développement d’une bibliothèque parallèle dans le domaine de la biologie cellulaire et du traitement d’images

Coordination : Cerasela Calugaru et Annamaria Kiss
Etudiante stagiaire : Typhaine Moreau

One of the main issues of quantitative imaging is the correct cellular level segmentation of 3D images of plant tissues, issued from confocal microscopy. The basic segmentation methods we use, are watershed combined with the level set method. The goal of the internship is to optimise and give an efficient implementation of the level set method.

Therefore, the student is invited to

  • study the used image analysis methods,
  • review the optimization and parallelizing techniques, applicable on the used level set segmentation
  • implement the method in C++, using the optimal parallelizing technique
  • deliver the implementation as a plugin to existing computing platforms
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