M2 2015-2016

Year 2015-2016

The goal of this Master program is to provide a wide choice of high quality courses in computer science ranging from the most theoretical aspects to applications. It is open to students having achieved a 4th year degree in Science (Master 1) who wish to deepen their understanding of Computer Science. The typical year starts with courses during the fall term, followed by several (24h, week long) winter schools, and achieved by a 20 weeks research internship. Courses and materials are provided in English to encourage foreign students to join our program. Academic tutoring is provided to every [Lire la suite…]

Emplois du temps M2 2015-2016

The pre-course meeting for the M2 is planned Friday September 11 at 9am in Amphi B.

Courses start September 14. Here is the typical timetable for all weeks: EdT-M2-type

Note that the schedule will slightly change from one week to another. Timetables will be posted (and sent by email to students registered to the M2) whenever they are available.

Here is the form to fill for your choices of courses: modules-M2IF