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Séminaires internes

Date Intervenant Titre Salle Contact
20/05/2016 Romaric GAUTHIER Giant’s Causeway (Gica), a new gene required for epithelial cell flattening in Drosophila melanogaster Grammond
10/06/2016 Ulysse HERBACH Inferring gene regulatory networks from single-cell data : a mechanistic approach Gandrillon
10/06/2016 Gaël YVERT Exploiting single-cell quantitative data to map genetic variants having probabilistic effects Yvert
09/09/2016 Roland LE BORGNE Linking temporal and mechanical regulations of epithelial cell cytokinesis to cell fate acquisition
16/09/2016 Christelle MORRIS DESBOIS Role of INT6/EIF3E in Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Human Cells Jalinot
02/12/2016 Serge BIRMAN Endogenous neuroprotective mechanisms against aging and Parkinson disease-like pathogenesis in the Drosophila model
09/12/2016 Muriel COCAIGN-BOUSQUET The multi-scale regulation of gene expression and its coordination to cell adaptation in bacteria
16/12/2016 Sébastien LEMAIRE Interplay between splicing and chromatin : investigation via DDX5-specific splicing targets Auboeuf
06/01/2017 Eléonore PERES Role of the PDZ domain-Binding Motif of Tax on T-cell Leukemogenesis in HTLV-1-Infected Humanized Mice Jalinot/Duc Dodon
20/01/2017 David CLUET Reducing protein aggregation in NDs : Evaluation of a new strategy to enhance Heat Shock Response Spichty
27/01/2017 Jérôme SALIGNON Genomics of fitness in dynamic environments AMPHI L Yvert
10/02/2017 Romain BERARDOZZI From fluorescent proteins photophysics to super-resolution imaging of mitotic spindle in nematodes embryos Equipe M. Delattre
17/02/2017 Charlotte SCHOLTES Salle des Thèses Equipe B. Mollereau
24/02/2017 Anissa GUILLEMIN Equipe O. Gandrillon
03/03/2017 Vincent VANOOSTHUYSE Investigating R-Loop formation at single molecule resolution P. Bernard
10/03/2017 Flore Beurton Isolation and characterization of the SET1/MLL complex in C. elegans F. Palladino
24/03/2017 Sophie PANTALACCI Comparative transcriptomics of molar development in rodents reveals a discordance between developmental program evolution and morphological evolution Equipe Sémon-Pantalacci
14/04/2017 Stéphane RETY Domain motion in Pif1 helicase Equipe Jalinot/Duc Dodon
21/04/2017 Laurie-Anne Lamiré Organ morphogenesis: switching from round to ovoid shape during growth Equipe Grammont
28/04/2017 *
05/05/2017 Gaël YVERT Assigning function to natural allelic variation via dynamic modeling of gene network induction Equipe G. Yvert
12/05/2017 Daan Van Den Brink "Keeping an eye on glial lipid droplets : a message for photoreceptor health ?" Equipe B. Mollereau
26/05/2017 Ronan Duchesne Equipe O. Gandrillon
02/06/2017 Guillaume Giraud Equipe Auboeuf
23/06/2017 Masters 2
08/09/2017 Valérie ROBERT The H3K4 HMT SET-2 maintains cell fate in C. elegans germline Equipe PALLADINO - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
29/09/2017 Clémence HOCQUET Role of Condensin in the regulation of gene expression in the fission yeast S. pombe Equipe BERNARD
06/10/2017 Journée Scientifique du LBMC Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph
03/11/2017 * ANNULE
17/11/2017 LyonSysBio LyonSysBio 1 place de l'école Equipe GANDRILLON
24/11/2017 Vincent MOCQUET Retroviral Tax plugs and freezes UPF1 helicase leading to Nonsense Mediated mRNA Decay (NMD) inhibition during HTLV-1 infection 1, place de l'école Equipe JALINOT-DUC DODON
08/12/2017 Aubé Fabien, Auboeuf Didier, Fontrodona Nicolas Interplay between the genetic code and the splicing code 1 place de l'école Equipe AUBOEUF
15/12/2017 Muriel GRAMMONT Probing the mechanical properties for the basement membrane with an atomic force microscope 1 place de l'école Equipe GRAMMONT
22/12/2017 Marion HERBETTE H3K4 methylation and germline chromatin organisation 1 place de l'école Equipe PALLADINO
19/01/2018 Xavier ROBELLET Post-translational modifications of Condensin during the cell cycle Salle des Thèses Equipe BERNARD
26/01/2018 Gaël YVERT Quantitative genetic variation of a cellular response behaviour Salle des Thèses Equipe YVERT
09/02/2018 Arnaud BONNAFFOUX WASABI : a novel framework for Gene Regulatory Network inference Salle des Thèses Equipe GANDRILLON
16/02/2018 ANNULE Salle des Thèses Equipe JALINOT
02/03/2018 Daan VAN DEN BRINK Conserved roles of fatty acid transport protein in retinal pigment cells for lipid droplet expansion and photoreceptor maintenance Salle des Thèses Equipe MOLLEREAU
09/03/2018 Cyril BOURGEOIS DEAD-box RNA helicases DDX5 and DDX17 are multi-tasking factors with important functions in neuronal differentiation Salle des Thèses Equipe AUBOEUF
23/03/2018 Stéphane VINCENT Zasp52 function during dorsal closure in Drosophila Salle des Thèses Equipe GRAMMONT
30/03/2018 Marie SEMON Convergent genomic evolution Salle des Thèses Equipe SEMON-PANTALACCI
13/04/2018 Manon GROSMAIRE Why would parthenogenetic females sire males whose DNA is not transmitted to females? Salle des Thèses Equipe DELATTRE
20/04/2018 Julieta RIVOSECCHI Condensin positioning at RNAPIII-transcribed genes by the DNA&RNA helicase Sen1 Salle des Thèses Equipe BERNARD
04/05/2018 ANNULE ANNULE Salle des Thèses Equipe JALINOT - DUC DODON
11/05/2018 Lamya BENAMEUR Exonic DNA-binding of RelA regulates alternative splicing via the RNA helicase DDX17 Salle des Thèses Equipe AUBOEUF
08/06/2018 Masters 2 Salle des Thèses
22/06/2018 Marianne SEDRU New Drosophila model of Parkinson’s disease: combining genetic and environmental risk factors Equipe Mollereau
29/06/2018 Anissa GUILLEMIN / Ronan DUCHESNE Drugs modulating stochastic gene expression affect differentiation Salle des Thèses Equipe Gandrillon
07/09/2018 * Salle des Thèses Equipe Palladino
14/09/2018 ANNULE Salle des Thèses Equipe Jalinot Duc Dodon
21/09/2018 Laurent MODOLO Nextflow a data driven pipeline (for biologists) L. Modolo - Salle des Thèses
28/09/2018 Emmanuel LABARONNE Characterizing the HIV-1 transcriptome and translatome using Nanopore sequencing and Ribosome profiling Equipe Ricci - 1 place de l'école
05/10/2018 Sébastien LEMAIRE - Nicolas FONTRODONA Splicing regulation follows constrains by GC content Equipe Auboeuf - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
23/11/2018 Vincent VANOOSTHUYSE Investigating R-loop architecture as a possible source of DNA replication stress Equipe Bernard - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
30/11/2018 Victor GIRARD Understanding neuronal fat accumulation in Parkinson's Disease: insights from Drosophila Equipe Mollereau - Salle des Thèses
07/12/2018 ANNULE Equipe Spichty - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
18/01/2019 ANNULE Equipe Grammont - Salle des Thèses
25/01/2019 ANNULE Equipe Francesconi - Salle des Thèses
08/02/2019 Mirko FRANCESCONI Why are genetically identical individuals growing in the same environment phenotypically different? Equipe FRANCESCONI Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
15/02/2019 Pierre JALINOT Role in leukemogenesis of the ability of the HTLV-1 Tax protein to interact with cellular PDZ proteins: is the TIP1/beta-catenin couple the culprit ? Equipe Jalinot Duc Dodon - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
22/02/2019 Olivier GANDRILLON A single-cell point of view on CML Equipe Gandrillon - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
01/03/2019 Sophie TERRONE Role of RNA helicases DDX5/DDX17 in connecting 3D gene organization and alternative splicing Equipe Auboeuf -Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
22/03/2019 Sophie PANTALACCI Modeling Edar expression reveals the hidden dynamics of tooth signaling center patterning Equipe Semon Pantalacci - Amphi Schrodinger
29/03/2019 Marie DELATTRE Males as somatic investment in a (forgotten) parthenogenetic nematode Equipe Delattre - Amphi K
05/04/2019 Léonard COLIN Investigating the functional interplay between nucleosomes and condensin Equipe Bernard - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
12/04/2019 Daniel JOST Sharing is caring: role of 3D organization in epigenetic regulation Equipe Jost - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
26/04/2019 Equipe Palladino The CFP1/CXXC protein independently interacts with COMPASS and the SIN3/HDAC complex Equipe Palladino - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
10/05/2019 ANNULE ANNULE Equipe Jalinot - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
07/06/2019 Hélène DUPLUS Genetic manipulations of live cells using light Equipe Yvert - Salle des Thèses
14/06/2019 Masters 2 Léonard COLIN, Joris DEING, Margaux PRIEUX, Camille FOURNEAU, Loïc GELY Salle des Thèses
06/09/2019 Raphaëlle DUBRUILLE On genetic conflicts and selective sperm elimination in Drosophila Equipe Loppin - Salle des Thèses
13/09/2019 Gérard BENOIT Nuclear receptors in mouse ES/EC cells: from cell population to single-cell/single-molecule analyses Equipe Gandrillon - Salle des Thèses
27/09/2019 ANNULE Equipe Grammont - Salle des Thèses
18/10/2019 Emiliano RICCI Translation has a global impact on mRNA decay during T cell and macrophage activation Equipe Ricci - Salle des Thèses
25/10/2019 Léonard COLIN Understanding how interplays between condensin and nucleosome dynamics shape mitotic chromosomes Equipe Bernard - Salle des Thèses
06/12/2019 Paola FABRIZIO Exploring the interplay between SET1/COMPASS and a SIN-3S HDAC complex in the regulation of life traits in Caenorhabditis elegans Equipe Palladino - Salle des Thèses
20/12/2019 Marie DELATTRE - Caroline BLANC How to explore atypical meiosis and programmed genome elimination in Mesorhabditis nematodes Equipe Delattre - Salle des Thèses
17/01/2020 Muriel GRAMMONT Anisotropy measurements: a tool to monitor protein clustering Equipe Grammmont, Salle des Thèses
24/01/2020 Haixiu JIN The Role of Regulated Ire1 Dependent Decay(RIDD)on Lipid Droplets in the CNS Equipe Mollereau, Salle des thèses
07/02/2020 ANNULE
28/02/2020 Guillermo ORSI Lost in Transcription: No Country for Old Histones Equipe Loppin, Salle des Thèses
06/03/2020 Mirko FRANCESCONI Scent of a worm Equipe Francesconi, Salle des thèses
20/03/2020 Jélane SAAD & Fabien AUBE Equipe Auboeuf, Grande Salle M6
03/04/2020 * Equipe Sémon Pantalacci Salle des Thèses
10/04/2020 * Equipe Yvert, Salle des Thèses
24/04/2020 * Equipe Jost, Salle des Thèses
01/05/2020 Jour Férié - Fête du travail
08/05/2020 Jour Férié - Victoire 1945
15/05/2020 * Equipe Bernard, Salle des Thèses
22/05/2020 Ascension
29/05/2020 * Equipe Jalinot - Mocquet, Salle des Thèses
12/06/2020 Séminaire M2 Salle des Thèses
19/06/2020 * Equipe Ricci, Salle des Thèses
02/10/2020 Jélane SAAD Targeting cancer cell physiological adaptation to counteract cancer therapy resistance Equipe Auboeuf, Salle des Thèses
09/10/2020 Franck PICARD Statistical Learning for Single Cell Genomics Equipe Gandrilllon, Salle des Thèses
23/10/2020 Orsi GUILLERMO Smuggling in a suitcase: chromatin contortions to fit into the cricket sperm nucleus Equipe Loppin, Salle des Thèses
13/11/2020 Loïc GELY Exploring the role of the SIN3/HDAC complex in maintaining the C. elegans germline transcriptional program Equipe Palladino,Online
27/11/2020 Christophe ARPIN Single cell studies of the CD8 T cell differentiation Equipe Gandrillon, WEBINAR Online
04/12/2020 Daniel JOST Coupling biophysical modeling and live imaging to investigate somatic homologous pairing Equipe Jost, Webinar Online
11/12/2020 CANCELED* Equipe Jalinot-Mocquet, Salle Condorcet - 1 place de l'école
08/01/2021 Jeremy LEBRETON Roles of RNA binding proteins in condensin-mediated chromosome segregation Equipe Bernard, WEBINAR
15/01/2021 Romain BULTEAU Predicting developmental age from transcriptomes with RAPToR Equipe Francesconi, Webinar On-line
29/01/2021 Marie DELATTRE Programmed-genome elimination in Mesorhabditis worms..and others Equipe Delattre WEBINAR Online
12/02/2021 Stéphane VINCENT Function of the DPP Gene Regulatory Network during Drosophila dorsal closure Equipe Grammont, Salle des Thèses
19/02/2021 Thibault SOHIER Quantitative mass spectrometry of affinity purified ribosomes uncovers ribosome interactome specilization during viral infection Equipe Ricci, WEBINAR
26/02/2021 Aurèle PIAZZA Spatial chromatin reorganization regulates homology search during DNA break repair Equipe Piazza, Salle des Thèses
12/03/2021 * WEBINAR Equipe Auboeuf, Webinar On-line
19/03/2021 * Equipe Yvert, Salle des Thèses
26/03/2021 * Equipe Mollereau, Salle des Thèses
02/04/2021 * Equipe Delattre, Salle des Thèses
16/04/2021 * Equipe Palladino, Salle des Thèses
23/04/2021 * WEBINAR Equipe Loppin, Webinar On-line
30/04/2021 * Equipe Yvert, Salle des Thèses
14/05/2021 * Equipe Jost, Salle des Thèses
21/05/2021 * Equipe Jalinot-Mocquet, Salle des Thèses
28/05/2021 * Equipe Bernard, Salle des Thèses
11/06/2021 * Equipe Ricci, Salle des Thèses
18/06/2021 * Equipe Sémon-Pantalacci, Salle des Thèses
25/06/2021 * M2, Salle des Thèses