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Exploring how INT6/EIF3E influences DNA repair - Implications in cancer therapy (Christelle Morris)

We identify the antioncogenic breast cancer factor INT6/EIF3E as an essential regulator of DNA damage signaling and repair in human cells

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Link between INT6 and histone gene expression - Impact on genome stability (Pierre Jalinot)

Strenghthening the role of INT6 in genome stability, we have shown that INT6 is needed for efficient expression of the histones during the S phase of the cell cycle.

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Characterize the NMD pathway and its deregulation by viral factors (Vincent Mocquet)

The NMD is a quality control pathway leading to the degradation of RNA that harbor ribosomes considered by the cell to have prematurely stopped.

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Characterize the cellular pathways deregulated in HTLV-1 induced leukemogenesis in vivo (Madeleine Duc Dodon)

The “humanized" mouse model is obtained by engraftment of immunodeficient mice with human CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells purified from human umbilical cord blood.

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