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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 40 references in this bibliography folder.

Dubruille, R, Orsi, GA, Delabaere, L, Cortier, E, Couble, P, Marais, GAB, and Loppin, B (2010).
Specialization of a Drosophila capping protein essential for the protection of sperm telomeres.
Curr Biol, 20(23):2090-9.

Orsi, GA, Joyce, EF, Couble, P, McKim, KS, and Loppin, B (2010).
Drosophila I-R hybrid dysgenesis is associated with catastrophic meiosis and abnormal zygote formation.
J Cell Sci, 123(Pt 20):3515-24.

Landmann, F, Orsi, GA, Loppin, B, and Sullivan, W (2009).
Wolbachia-mediated cytoplasmic incompatibility is associated with impaired histone deposition in the male pronucleus.
PLoS Pathog, 5(3):e1000343.

Loppin, B and Oakey, R (2009).
Genomic imprinting in Singapore. Workshop on Genomic Imprinting.
EMBO Rep, 10(3):222-7.

Orsi, GA, Couble, P, and Loppin, B (2009).
Epigenetic and replacement roles of histone variant H3.3 in reproduction and development.
Int J Dev Biol, 53(2-3):231-43.

Bonnefoy, E, Orsi, GA, Couble, P, and Loppin, B (2007).
The essential role of Drosophila HIRA for de novo assembly of paternal chromatin at fertilization.
PLoS Genet, 3(10):1991-2006.

Pannebakker, BA, Loppin, B, Elemans, CPH, Humblot, L, and Vavre, F (2007).
Parasitic inhibition of cell death facilitates symbiosis.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 104(1):213-5.

Loppin, B, Bonnefoy, E, Anselme, C, Laurencon, A, Karr, TL, and Couble, P (2005).
The histone H3.3 chaperone HIRA is essential for chromatin assembly in the male pronucleus.
Nature, 437(7063):1386-90.

Loppin, B, Lepetit, D, Dorus, S, Couble, P, and Karr, TL (2005).
Origin and neofunctionalization of a Drosophila paternal effect gene essential for zygote viability.
Curr Biol, 15(2):87-93.

Canfield, VA, Loppin, B, Thisse, B, Thisse, C, Postlethwait, JH, Mohideen, MAPK, Rajarao, SJR, and Levenson, R (2002).
Na,K-ATPase alpha and beta subunit genes exhibit unique expression patterns during zebrafish embryogenesis.
Mech Dev, 116(1-2):51-9.

Rajarao, JR, Canfield, VA, Loppin, B, Thisse, B, Thisse, C, Yan, Y, Postlethwait, JH, and Levenson, R (2002).
Two Na,K-ATPase beta 2 subunit isoforms are differentially expressed within the central nervous system and sensory organs during zebrafish embryogenesis.
Dev Dyn, 223(2):254-61.

Dedeine, F, Vavre, F, Fleury, F, Loppin, B, Hochberg, ME, and Bouletreau, M (2001).
Removing symbiotic Wolbachia bacteria specifically inhibits oogenesis in a parasitic wasp.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 98(11):6247-52.

Loppin, B, Berger, F, and Couble, P (2001).
The Drosophila maternal gene sesame is required for sperm chromatin remodeling at fertilization.
Chromosoma, 110(6):430-40.

Loppin, B, Berger, F, and Couble, P (2001).
Paternal chromosome incorporation into the zygote nucleus is controlled by maternal haploid in Drosophila.
Dev Biol, 231(2):383-96.

Loppin, B, Docquier, M, Bonneton, F, and Couble, P (2000).
The maternal effect mutation sesame affects the formation of the male pronucleus in Drosophila melanogaster.
Dev Biol, 222(2):392-404.

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