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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 40 references in this bibliography folder.

Horard, B, Terretaz, K, Gosselin-Grenet, A, Sobry, H, Sicard, M, Landmann, F, and Loppin, B (2022).
Paternal transmission of the Wolbachia CidB toxin underlies cytoplasmic incompatibility.
Curr Biol.

Torres-Campana, D, Horard, B, Denaud, S, Benoit, G, Loppin, B, and Orsi, GA (2022).
Three classes of epigenomic regulators converge to hyperactivate the essential maternal gene deadhead within a heterochromatin mini-domain.
PLoS Genet, 18(1):e1009615.

Herbette, M, Wei, X, Chang, C, Larracuente, AM, Loppin, B, and Dubruille, R (2021).
Distinct spermiogenic phenotypes underlie sperm elimination in the Segregation Distorter meiotic drive system.
PLoS Genet, 17(7):e1009662.

Debec, A, Loppin, B, Zheng, C, Liu, X, and Megraw, TL (2020).
The Enigma of Centriole Loss in the 1182-4 Cell Line.
Cells, 9(5).

Loppin, B and Berger, F (2020).
Histone Variants: The Nexus of Developmental Decisions and Epigenetic Memory.
Annual Review of Genetics, 54:121-149.

Torres-Campana, D, Kimura, S, Orsi, GA, Horard, B, Benoit, G, and Loppin, B (2020).
The Lid/KDM5 histone demethylase complex activates a critical effector of the oocyte-to-zygote transition.
PLoS Genet, 16(3):e1008543.

Horard, B, Sapey-Triomphe, L, Bonnefoy, E, and Loppin, B (2018).
ASF1 is required to load histones on the HIRA complex in preparation of paternal chromatin assembly at fertilization.
Epigenetics Chromatin, 11(1):19.

Lin, C, Hu, F, Dubruille, R, Vedanayagam, J, Wen, J, Smibert, P, Loppin, B, and Lai, EC (2018).
The hpRNA/RNAi Pathway Is Essential to Resolve Intragenomic Conflict in the Drosophila Male Germline.
Dev Cell, 46(3):316-326.e5.

Horard, B and Loppin, B (2017).
[Fertilization: the spermatic nucleus unlocked by an ultra-specialized thioredoxin].
Med Sci (Paris), 33(6-7):585-587.

Helleu, Q, Gerard, PR, Dubruille, R, Ogereau, D, Prud'homme, B, Loppin, B, and Montchamp-Moreau, C (2016).
Rapid evolution of a Y-chromosome heterochromatin protein underlies sex chromosome meiotic drive.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 113(15):4110-5.

Kimura, S and Loppin, B (2016).
The Drosophila chromosomal protein Mst77F is processed to generate an essential component of mature sperm chromatin.
Open Biol, 6(11).

Tirmarche, S, Kimura, S, Dubruille, R, Horard, B, and Loppin, B (2016).
Unlocking sperm chromatin at fertilization requires a dedicated egg thioredoxin in Drosophila.
Nat Commun, 7:13539.

Chen, W, Shih, H, Liu, K, Shih, Z, Chen, L, Tsai, T, Chen, M, Liu, H, Tan, BC, Chen, C, Lee, H, Loppin, B, Ait-Ahmed, O, and Wu, J (2015).
Intellectual disability-associated dBRWD3 regulates gene expression through inhibition of HIRA/YEM-mediated chromatin deposition of histone H3.3.
EMBO Rep, 16(4):528-38.

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Protection of Drosophila chromosome ends through minimal telomere capping.
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Histone storage and deposition in the early Drosophila embryo.
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Two bromodomain proteins functionally interact to recapitulate an essential BRDT-like function in Drosophila spermatocytes.
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The intimate genetics of Drosophila fertilization.
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Delabaere, L, Orsi, GA, Sapey-Triomphe, L, Horard, B, Couble, P, and Loppin, B (2014).
The Spartan ortholog maternal haploid is required for paternal chromosome integrity in the Drosophila zygote.
Curr Biol, 24(19):2281-7.

Tirmarche, S, Kimura, S, Sapey-Triomphe, L, Sullivan, W, Landmann, F, and Loppin, B (2014).
Drosophila protamine-like Mst35Ba and Mst35Bb are required for proper sperm nuclear morphology but are dispensable for male fertility.
G3 (Bethesda), 4(11):2241-5.

Orsi, GA, Algazeery, A, Meyer, RE, Capri, M, Sapey-Triomphe, LM, Horard, B, Gruffat, H, Couble, P, Ait-Ahmed, O, and Loppin, B (2013).
Drosophila Yemanuclein and HIRA cooperate for de novo assembly of H3.3-containing nucleosomes in the male pronucleus.
PLoS Genet, 9(2):e1003285.

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Repeated evolution of testis-specific new genes: the case of telomere-capping genes in Drosophila.
Int J Evol Biol, 2012:708980.

Raychaudhuri, N, Dubruille, R, Orsi, GA, Bagheri, HC, Loppin, B, and Lehner, CF (2012).
Transgenerational propagation and quantitative maintenance of paternal centromeres depends on Cid/Cenp-A presence in Drosophila sperm.
PLoS Biol, 10(12):e1001434.

Schneiderman, JI, Orsi, GA, Hughes, KT, Loppin, B, and Ahmad, K (2012).
Nucleosome-depleted chromatin gaps recruit assembly factors for the H3.3 histone variant.
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A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants.
Epigenetics Chromatin, 5:7.

Dubruille, R and Loppin, B (2011).
Epigenetic maintenance of telomere identity in Drosophila: buckle up for the sperm ride.
Cell Cycle, 10(7):1037-42.

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