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The Enigma of Centriole Loss in the 1182-4 Cell Line.

Alain Debec, Benjamin Loppin, Chunfeng Zheng, Xiuwen Liu, and Timothy L Megraw (2020)

Cells, 9(5).

The Drosophila melanogaster cell line 1182-4, which constitutively lacks centrioles,was established many years ago from haploid embryos laid by females homozygous forthe maternal haploid (mh) mutation. This was the first clear example of animal cellsregularly dividing in the absence of this organelle. However, the cause of theacentriolar nature of the 1182-4 cell line remained unclear and could not be clearlyassigned to a particular genetic event. Here, we detail historically thelongstanding mystery of the lack of centrioles in this Drosophila cell line. Recentadvances, such as the characterization of the mh gene and the genomic analysis of1182-4 cells, allow now a better understanding of the physiology of these cells. Bycombining these new data, we propose three reasonable hypotheses of the genesis ofthis remarkable phenotype.

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