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Publications (not up to date)

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 90 references in this bibliography folder.

Crauste, F, Demin, I, Gandrillon, O, and Volpert, V (2010).
Mathematical study of feedback control roles and relevance in stress erythropoiesis.
J Theor Biol, 263(3):303-16.

Demin, I, Crauste, F, Gandrillon, O, and Volpert, V (2010).
A multi-scale model of erythropoiesis.
J Biol Dyn, 4(1):59-70.

Mejia-Pous, C, Vinuelas, J, Faure, C, Koszela, J, Kawakami, K, Takahashi, Y, and Gandrillon, O (2009).
A combination of transposable elements and magnetic cell sorting provides a very efficient transgenesis system for chicken primary erythroid progenitors.
BMC Biotechnol, 9:81.

Mitasiunaite, I, Rigotti, C, Schicklin, S, Meyniel, L, Boulicaut, J, and Gandrillon, O (2009).
Extracting signature motifs from promoter sets of differentially expressed genes.
In Silico Biol, 9(1-2):S17-39.

Osborne, PW, Benoit, G, Laudet, V, Schubert, M, and Ferrier, DEK (2009).
Differential regulation of ParaHox genes by retinoic acid in the invertebrate chordate amphioxus (Branchiostoma floridae).
Dev Biol, 327(1):252-62.

Rambaud, J, Triqueneaux, G, Masse, I, Staels, B, Laudet, V, and Benoit, G (2009).
Rev-erbalpha2 mRNA encodes a stable protein with a potential role in circadian clock regulation.
Mol Endocrinol, 23(5):630-9.

Sassi-Messai, S, Gibert, Y, Bernard, L, Nishio, S, Ferri Lagneau, KF, Molina, J, Andersson-Lendahl, M, Benoit, G, Balaguer, P, and Laudet, V (2009).
The phytoestrogen genistein affects zebrafish development through two different pathways.
PLoS One, 4(3):e4935.

Bresson-Mazet, C, Gandrillon, O, and Gonin-Giraud, S (2008).
Stem cell antigen 2: a new gene involved in the self-renewal of erythroid progenitors.
Cell Prolif, 41(5):726-38.

Cai, W, Rambaud, J, Teboul, M, Masse, I, Benoit, G, Gustafsson, J, Delaunay, F, Laudet, V, and Pongratz, I (2008).
Expression levels of estrogen receptor beta are modulated by components of the molecular clock.
Mol Cell Biol, 28(2):784-93.

Coulon, A, Beslon, G, and Gandrillon, O (2008).
Large multiprotein structures modeling and simulation: the need for mesoscopic models.
Methods Mol Biol, 484:537-58.

Crauste, F, Pujo-Menjouet, L, Genieys, S, Molina, C, and Gandrillon, O (2008).
Adding self-renewal in committed erythroid progenitors improves the biological relevance of a mathematical model of erythropoiesis.
J Theor Biol, 250(2):322-38.

Gonin-Giraud, S, Bresson-Mazet, C, and Gandrillon, O (2008).
Involvement of the TGF-beta and mTOR/p70S6Kinase pathways in the transformation process induced by v-ErbA.
Leuk Res, 32(12):1878-88.

Hanriot, L, Keime, C, Gay, N, Faure, C, Dossat, C, Wincker, P, Scote-Blachon, C, Peyron, C, and Gandrillon, O (2008).
A combination of LongSAGE with Solexa sequencing is well suited to explore the depth and the complexity of transcriptome.
BMC Genomics, 9:418.

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Constraint-based knowledge discovery from SAGE data.
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SQUAT: A web tool to mine human, murine and avian SAGE data.
BMC Bioinformatics, 9:378.

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Conserved features and evolutionary shifts of the EDA signaling pathway involved in vertebrate skin appendage development.
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Clustering formal concepts to discover biologically relevant knowledge from gene expression data.
In Silico Biol, 7(4-5):467-83.

Bresson, C, Keime, C, Faure, C, Letrillard, Y, Barbado, M, Sanfilippo, S, Benhra, N, Gandrillon, O, and Gonin-Giraud, S (2007).
Large-scale analysis by SAGE reveals new mechanisms of v-erbA oncogene action.
BMC Genomics, 8:390.

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Unexpected observations after mapping LongSAGE tags to the human genome.
BMC Bioinformatics, 8:154.

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SAGE analysis of mosquito salivary gland transcriptomes during Plasmodium invasion.
Cell Microbiol, 9(3):708-24.

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Dazy, S, Gandrillon, O, Hyrien, O, and Prioleau, M (2006).
Broadening of DNA replication origin usage during metazoan cell differentiation.
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Characterization of the Nurr1 ligand-binding domain co-activator interaction surface.
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Huang, J, Miao, X, Jin, W, Couble, P, Mita, K, Zhang, Y, Liu, W, Zhuang, L, Shen, Y, Keime, C, Gandrillon, O, Brouilly, P, Briolay, J, Zhao, G, and Huang, Y (2005).
Serial analysis of gene expression in the silkworm, Bombyx mori.
Genomics, 86(2):233-41.

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