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A multi-scale model of erythropoiesis.

I Demin, F Crauste, O Gandrillon, and V Volpert (2010)

J Biol Dyn, 4(1):59-70.

In this paper, a multi-scale mathematical model of erythropoiesis is proposed inwhich erythroid progenitors are supposed to be able to self-renew. Three cellular processes control erythropoiesis: self-renewal, differentiation and apoptosis. We describe these processes and regulatory networks that govern them. Two proteins (ERK and Fas) are considered as the basic proteins participating in this regulation. All erythroid progenitors are divided into several sub-populations depending on their maturity level. Feedback regulations by erythropoietin, glucocorticoids and Fas ligand (FasL) are introduced in the model. The model consists of a system of ordinary differential equations describing intracellularprotein concentration evolution and cell population dynamics. We study steady states and their stability. We carry out computer simulations of an anaemia situation and analyse the results.

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