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BioComputing Hub

The goal of the biocomputing Hub is to drive and promote the analyse of biological data (Imaging, NGS, etc.)


The bioinformatics center goal is to lead and promote bioinformatics in the LBMC. The center actions are organized around three axes:

Developement of standards for the laboratory

Providing tools and standardized scripts

Training in the use of these tools

Increasing the number projects between biologists and bioinformaticians

These four axes are articulated as follows:

organigram of the interactions between biologists and bioinformaticians

Biologists and bioinformaticians have access to standard tools. Biologists are trained to use these tools to perform traditional analyzes on their data. Bioinformaticians fill the library of standard tools and can easily automate their traditional analyzes by taking advantage of already shared scripts. Secondly, biologists can propose bioinformatics projects that go beyond classical analyzes and that can easily be used by bioinformaticians. As for bioinformaticians, they can quickly intervene in the bioinformatics projects of biologists thanks to the standardization.



The actions of the cluster are decided by the biocomputing committee composed of 11 members:

 Carine Rey  Emiliano Ricci  Laurent Modolo
 Daniel Jost  Fabien Duveau  Marie Semon
 David Cluet  Gerard Benoit  Pascal Bernard
 Didier Auboeuf  Helene Polveche  Stephane Janczarski

A sub-committee, made up of the team leaders in the biocomputing committee, is responsible for evaluating and awarding bioinformatics support and collaboration projects carried out by members of the laboratory. These projects are then supported by one of the three permanent members of the biocomputing division.

  • David CLUET, IR CNRS
  • Laurent MODOLO, IR CNRS


Biocomputing center Publications