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Exotic phases of cluster-forming systems

Adriano ANGELONE (ICTP - Trieste, Italie)
When Jan 21, 2021
from 02:00 to 03:00
Where visioconférence
Attendees Adriano ANGELONE
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Jeudi 21 Janvier


Title:  Exotic phases of cluster-forming systems

Adriano ANGELONE (ICTP - Trieste, Italie)


I will present my recent results on bosonic systems featuring extended-range
interactions, of interest for experiments with cold Rydberg-dressed atoms. In
my previous work, I proved these Hamiltonians to host a wide variety of
interesting physical phenomena, including (super)solid phases of clusters of
particles, as well as out-of-equilibrium glass and superglass states (the
latter displaying the coexistence of glassy physics and superfluidity).
In this talk, I will discuss my demonstration, in the ground-state regime of
this class of models, of a novel type of phase transition between two
supersolid states characterized by different crystalline and superfluid
exchange structures. I will then discuss my results on the out-of-equilibrium
counterparts of the states mentioned above, which I prove to be glasses and
(super)solids (the latter featuring crystalline structures in general
remarkably different from their ground-state counterparts) in an energy range
which would allow their observation in experimental realizations.