Welcome to the PSMN's News page, here you will find information about the thematic meetings and the Tuesdays coffee (meetings between users and staff) organized by the center, and the schedule of training sessions .

For more information on PSMN and CBP please see this page.


Immersion cooling

Tuesdays coffee / Meetings between staff members and users

The Tuesdays coffee or the Meetings between PSMN's staff ans PSMN's users take place every Tuesdays at 1:30pm, they are an open discussion time between the users and the staff, for example this meetings could be an opportunity to look at possible problems encountered by users and a place to discuss your proposals about software installation, resources requiremnts, etc.!

Tuesdays coffee are held from 1:30pm at the “salle de formation du CBP” (M7 1H04), located at the 1H floor (between the first 1st and the 2nd floor, yeah we know it totally sounds like Platform 9 3/4 !)

Registration: Suggest a question or a theme to be discussed on PSMN's Tuesdays coffee

PRACE Training Portal

Have you seen the PRACE Training Portal yet? Check it out!

Upcoming and current training events by PRACE Advanced Training Centres

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