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20211026 / PSMN restart (2)

We are slowly opening Grid Engine queues.

2021/10/26 09:45 · ltaulell

20211025 / PSMN Restart

Network upgrades takes waaaay longer than expected.

We are not ready to restart. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT 16h00: PSMN is up & running.

SGE will be started tomorrow morning.

2021/10/25 12:15 · ltaulell

20211022 / Maintenance électrique d'Octobre

A power outage (planned, this time) will occur Saturday, October 23th 2021, on ENS de Lyon Monod site.

There will be large operations on electrical systems over the week-end, and PSMN Staff will also perform usual background upgrades.

Planned stops for PSMN are:

  • stop of all queues on Friday, October 22th (before 12h00)
  • poweroff of allo-psmn & ssh-psmn at 12h00 on Friday, October 22th

Scheduling of PSMN restart will depend on maintenance operations, and is scheduled Monday, October 25th (all day, ASAP, from DC SING is back to “fully operationnal” to PSMN upgrades are OK).

Stay tuned: http://www.ens-lyon.fr/PSMN/doku.php?id=news:blog

also, /scratch/Chimie (Lake cluster) will be erased and rebuild from zero, starting 2021/10/22 noon.

On the matter of upgrades, please have a look at (french only): http://www.ens-lyon.fr/PSMN/doku.php?id=news:evolutions

BIG CHANGES coming soon…

2021/10/15 10:01 · ltaulell

20211012 / Power outage (suite)

All storage services are still in heavy scan (and allready have dead disks).

The gateway-out has died, which force us to apply a new network configuration.

We will restart services along the day, stay tune.

EDIT 11h30:

  • all data UP (and scanning)
  • all scratch UP
  • all comp UP
  • allo-psmn UP
  • ssh.psmn UP

EDIT 15:15

  • all compute UP
2021/10/12 11:25 · ltaulell

20211011 / Power outage

A massive power outage, from 12h30 to 13h30, occured on ENS de Lyon (Monod Site) today.

It lasted long enough to drain UPS batteries. Everything went off badly.

all infrastructure is power off

Please be patient as we are trying to restart PSMN.

EDIT 16:25: a new power outage is “planned” from 16:30 to 17:00. All filers and scratch servers are down for data protection.

EDIT 17h50: All filers are up and under heavy scanning. Gateways will be started tomorrow morning.

2021/10/11 14:56 · ltaulell
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