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20210218 / Matlab upgrade

Due to expiring licencing contracts, we have upgraded Matlab to 2019b version.

Matlab 2015b is no longer available, Matlab 2017b will expire in a few days.

2021/02/18 11:30 · ltaulell

20120203 / home, auth, again...

There's a looping overload between autofs (automount service, managing your home) and auth services (nss, ldap). And vice-versa.

I'm on it, trying to resolv, while sick.


  • 11h50 Things should be back to normal (hope so) soon.
  • 12h05 Aaaand it's gone…
  • 14h30 back to normal? (maybe)
  • 17h27 \o/ found it ! (shakras fully open)
2021/02/03 10:44 · ltaulell

20210202 / Auth, mount and fileservers

We are experiencing multiples problems:

  • “can't get password entry for user”
  • “can't stat() /home/…”
  • “user does not exist or error with NIS/LDAP”
  • empty home on logon

All theses are related to a surge on our main auth server (started yesterday ~18h), and local caching on nodes/comp failing.

File servers for geology and chemistry users were having problems also (related). The staff (Loïs Taulelle) is taking care of it.

Some nodes may continue to fail, please signal them using our web forms: Formulaires du PSMN

2021/02/02 09:19 · gilquin

20210112 / Networks

ENS IT service had to perform some updates (and reboot) of our main network link.

It may have timeouted some connections. It is now up & running.

2021/01/12 14:20 · ltaulell

20210106 / PSMN PowerON

We have (almost) smoothly restarted.

2021/01/06 13:52 · ltaulell
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