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20200320 / data servers

Murphy's law:

  • r730data6, which serve home for phys, psmn, cbp… and Xnfs for physic's groups, has crashed around noon.

EDIT: back online.

  • r720data4 (craldb, phoenix) is in read-only mode for craldb data (too many disks with errors)
  • r730data7, which serve bio's data has crashed too. EDIT: back online.
2020/03/20 14:42 · ltaulell

20200318 / SARS-CoV-2 containment

In the context of global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic situation, and specific french containment, here's some informations:

  • Most of PSMN Staff is working from home, as you probably are,
  • Many maintenance operations are slowed down if not canceled,
  • Training courses are canceled, for now,
2020/03/18 17:38 · ltaulell

20200311 / Scratches

  • The /scratch/E5 is in read-only mode, before extinction. It will be turned off (and erased) on 18/03/2020 morning.
  • At last, /scratch/Lake, on Lake cluster is online.
2020/03/11 16:08 · ltaulell

20200227 / Volumes de bio

Un rebuild est en cours sur les volumes de bio (CIRI, IGFL, LBMC et RDP). Il pourrait y avoir des problèmes d'accès temporaires aux données sur les homes et les volumes partagés (/Xnfs).

2020/02/27 12:19 · ltaulell

20200214 / New E5N scratch

A new scratch (/scratch/E5N/) on E5 cluster, is available for production. It will replace the current /scratch/E5.

Here is the planning for its implementation and stopping of the old scratch:

  • 13th of February 2020: Production start of /scratch/E5N/,
  • 11th of March 2020: Access will be switched to read-only on /scratch/E5, meaning:
    • Can read or copy to another location,
    • Cannot write new files or delete existing ones.
  • 18th of March 2020: Final stop of /scratch/E5.

Hardware components will be recondition and reassign to other specific services provided by the PSMN (dedicated projects volumes, for example).

2020/02/24 11:05 · ltaulell
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