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Chemistry Summer School June 2014

As part of the collaboration between the ENS de Lyon and the Frankfürt-am-Main Universität recently decided by the presidents of both institutions, the Laboratoire de Chimie de l’ENS de Lyon organizes a day and a half long summer school with chemists from the Goethe Universität on June 11st and 12nd. In 2015, the summer school will be organized in Frankfurt.



Partner         Région Rhone-Alpes

Programm of the summer school

  • Triggers and switches for nucleic acids (Alexander Heckel − Frankfurt)
  • Modelling photoinduced events in retinal systems: a computational perspective (Marco Garavelli − Lyon)
  • Electron-Triggered Molecular Motions Involving pi-Radicals: Towards Redox Responsive Molecular Tools (Christophe Bucher − Lyon)
  • Molecular recognition and catalysis effected by organic cations ( Michael Goebel − Frankfurt)
  • spectroscopy, electro-optical technologies  (Simon Pascal − Lyon)
  • Directed deposition of silicon nanowires using neopentasilane as precursor and gold as catalyst  (Britta Kaempken − Frankfurt)
  • Control of interactions between dyes and gold nanoparticles. Applications in bioimaging and optical protection (Stephane Parola − Lyon)
  • Self-assembled monolayers as functional materials  (Andreas Terfort − Frankfurt)
  • Ultrafast optical spectroscopy: biological samples, molecules and nanocrystals  (Markus Braun − Frankfurt)
  • Fluorescent tagging of live cells competent in the expression of a specific peptidase  (Maxime Prost − Lyon)
  • Spectroscopic characterization of photoswitches for riboswitches  (Sabrina Steinwand − Frankfurt)
  • Electronic structure and quantum dynamics of complex molecular systems  (Miquel Huix-Rotllant − Frankfurt)
  • Two photon uncaging - applications in chemical biology  (Manuela Fichte − Frankfurt)
  • New aspects of the chemistry of hemicryptophane  (Alexandre Martinez − Lyon)