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A PathFinder EU project
The European HORIZON EIC project ELOBIO (Electrolysis of Biomass), coordinated by IRCELYON, is the 100th EIC Pathfinder grant!
The long-term vision of the ELOBIO project (3,998 M€ over 4 yers) is the large-scale production of green hydrogen from renewable cellulosic biomass, fully integrated in biorefineries with a circular bio-economy approach from the biomass supplier up to the final bio-products and green hydrogen. To achieve this objective, the ELOBIO consortium aims at the assembly of a functional electrolyser capable of simultaneously producing pure green H2 and value-added decarbonized chemicals from renewable lignocellulosic biomass including lignocellulosic from wood/forestry and residues from agriculture. To achieve this ambitious goal, ELOBIO brings together a consortium involving researchers from three French labs (IRCELYON, LCH, IC2MP), two German institutions (KIT, Fraunhofer ICT), two Spanish universities (UCLM and UPM) and a Dutch research institute (DIFFER), covering a wide range of expertises, ranging from material science, electro-catalysis, chemical engineering, atomistic and macro scale modelling as well as life cycle analysis.