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Jul 10, 2013 à 10:00 AM


ENS de Lyon


Lab seminar for Master students and First Year PhD Students

Wednesday, July 10th

10:00 am.

Large CBP meeting room, LR6, site Monod, ENS de Lyon.

• M2 will present their work in English or French (20 min including discussion).
• M1 can also present their work if their supervisors decide it is worthwhile.
• 1st year  PhD students will propose a poster in English.
• The rest of the lab is supposed to attend this meeting as a lab seminar.


Participants (ENS login required)

• Opening session at 10:00 with oral presentations,
• Poster session,
• Participants can take a drink or have lunch together in the great CBP meeting room.

Students are expected to send jflm as soon as possible
• Name and surname
• Name of their supervisor
• A title (even temporarily) in French or English
Weither they will make an oral presentation or a poster

and before June 30, a summary in English
As a model, please see examples.
It saves a lot of time if the pictures and the texts of the abstracts are sent in separate files, and if the text is not a pdf.

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