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PhD day 2012 Schedule


May 15, 2012 à 09:00 AM


ENS de Lyon

  • Opening session    9:00   
  • invited lecture    9:10    Pascale DELANGLE; “Rational design of Cu(I) chelators to treat metal overload in Wilson's disease.”
  • PhD student    9:50    BUREMA Shiri; supervisor Marie-Laure Bocquet; "Promoting Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy to a routine use by DFT"
  • PhD student    10:10     Elodie JOBARD, supervisor Bénédicte Elena-Herrmann, " High-field NMR metabonomics : Developping a tool for the diagnosis and prognosis in patients with cancer".
  • PhD student    10:30    Bastien Chatelet, supervisor: Véronique Dufaud; Les superbases supramoléculaires supportées
  • Coffee break    10:50 
Cofee Break A Cofee Break E
  •  PhD student    11:20    VÉROT Martin; supervisor Vincent Robert; Conduction à travers une jonction moléculaire magnétique
  • PhD student    11:40     Anne  FAGES,  supervisor Bénédicte Elena-Herrmann, "Metabonomics by NMR: methodological developments and applications to health and epidemiology"
  • PhD student     12:00     Damia GREGORI, supervisor Stéphane PAROLA, Films hybrides à propriété photocatalytique appliqués sur substrats souples 
  •  Poster session 13:00
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  • PhD student     14:20     HOUWAART Torsten; supervisor Marie-Laure Bocquet; "Reactivity of metalic porphyrines in a saddle shape formation" 
  • PhD student     14:40     Chiara  FERRARA, supervisor Guido PINTACUDA - Piercarlo  MUSTARELLI, "Modern Solid State NMR techniques applied to the investigation of functional oxides"
  • PhD student     15:00     Yuemei SUN, supervisor Wei Dong, "Hydrogen diffusion on Pd(111): Simulation by accelerated molecular dynamics method"
  • PhD student     15:20      Emeline  BARBET-MASSIN, supervisor Guido PINTACUDA, "Solid-state NMR of large biological assemblies: from beta2-microglobulin fibrils to Measles virus capsids"
Emeline’s Talk
  •  Evaluation and closing session  15:40 
  • End       16:00