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Team 4: Photonics and Biophotonics

The Photonics and Biophotonics (PBP) team has a strong expertize in spectroscopy, photochemistry, nonlinear optics, micro-spectroscopy and 3D-printing.     


Our current research activity mainly focuses on the development of  more performant 2-photon absorption induced 3D-microfabrication  methods. In collaboration with several teams of the lab, as well as  with academic and industrial partners, we develop low-threshold  photoinitiators, new materials and formulations to implement faster  high-resolution 3D-printing technologies. Recently, our research in  the field of 3D-printing has been supported by local, national and  European fundings.

The LCH has an internationally renowned expertize in the  development of organic dyes nanoparticles and materials with  strong 2-photon absorption properties. We have implemented  nonlinear spectroscopic methods to characterize these compounds  for different applications e.g. for 2-photon induced fluorescence  imaging, 2-photon induced polymerization, optical limitation, and so  on. We are also active in the development of new femtosecond  laser applications involving 2-photon absorption.











Job opportunities:

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested about our research topics and you would like to join our team. We have openings in the field of nonlinear spectroscopy and high-resolution nonlinear 3D printing. Please find below the current opportunities:

#1 Multiphoton absorption induced activation of energetic molecules : Postdoc, 12 months, (PDF) immediately available.




Group picture, September 2020

Chemistry for Optics Group Picture November 2018

From left to right:
Emma Van Elslande, Guillaume Micouin, Laura Piedad Chia Gomez, Azzedine Tellal, Caroline Arnoux, Akos Banyasz


Permanents Members










Guillaume Micouin


Patrice BaldeckPatrice Baldeck



Non-Permanents Members


Laura Piedad Chia Gomez (Postdoctoral Fellow)








Emma Van Elslande (PhD student)









Mandana Tofighjoo






Noelle LascouxNoëlle Lascoux














Azzedine Tellal                      (Postdoctoral Fellow)







Valentin Maffeis (Postdoctoral Fellow)









Martin Cotoni