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Sustainable chemistry and Energy

Catalysis - Ionic liquids - Energy – Environnement - Recycling – traces detection – CO2

Animated by Laurent Bonneviot and Agilio Padua

Industrial and academic chemistry is currently undergoing a profound transformation in response to the transformation of society towards sustainable development that respects the environment. It is turning more and more towards a bio-sourced raw material, recyclable products and "green" processes with low environmental impact. Solving these new constraints requires fundamental research oriented in this perspective. The bio-sourced material most often exhibits a great diversity of compositions, the treatment of which requires the development of new reaction media that are not harmful or recyclable, involving an increased understanding of their chemistry and their physico-chemistry. Storing energy at the heart of this mutation also requires innovative materials and electrolytes. A third aspect concerns the saving of energy and atoms which are two challenges involving catalysis and synthesis.