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Jean-Paul Rieu — Collective migration in Dictyostelium

Speaker :

Jean-Paul Rieu, Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée et Nanostructures, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

When :

Wednesday 16 March at 11am

Where :

Salle 117

Title :

Collective migration in Dictyostelium

Abstract :

The social amoeba Dictyostelium provides an experimentally accessible and simple model system to investigate cell migration, chemotaxis and morphogenesis. This eukaryotic micro-organism displays a remarkable series of morphogenetic movements of multicellular structures composed of highly motile cells, and it shares much of its basic machinery of multicellular morphogenesis with animal cells. Cells of Dictyostelium typically exist as independent soil-inhabiting amoebae that upon exhaustion of food supply aggregate to form a multicellular structure which finally crawls in a manner resembling the movement of a garden slug (thus called a "migrating slug"). We have developped several techniques to study quantitatively cell migration at both single cell level and slug level : cell tracking, traction force microscopy to measure the mechanical forces transmitted to some elastic substrate during migration or more recently microfluidics for detachments or soluble gradient assays. We will present the experiments with slug and for comparison thoses with single cells. With respect to force maps, the differences between the two cases indicate that a slug is not just the sum of its individual cells. A descriptive model and some very naive simulation will be presented.

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