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Audience prize for Julieta RIVOSECCHI

Julieta RIVOSECCHI, PhD student, participated in the 2018 Famelab France final. She won the public's award and was 2nd place overall. The event was held on May 24th 2018 at Lyon's Musée des Confluences.

Julieta is a doctoral candidate in the LBMC's Chromosome architecture and functional dynamics team.

An enthusiast of science popularization initiatives (Fête de la Science, European Researcher's night, MT180), Julieta was a finalist in the 2018 edition of of FameLab France held at the Musée des Confluences, Lyon, on the 24th of May.

Her talk Condensin organizes my scoobies! won the audience's prize and she came 2nd overall. 

Well done Julieta!