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Antoine GUICHET, Institut Jacques Monod - Paris

Coordination of different microtubule networks to position a nucleus asymmetrically.
When Oct 06, 2023
from 11:00 to 12:00
Contact Name Salle des thèses, Equipe Grammont
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The accurate control of the position of the nucleus is essential for many cellular contexts. The forces applied to positioned the nucleus vary according to cell type, but all originate from elements of the cytoskeleton such as the microtubules. 

They can generate forces directly through polymerization or by the involvement of molecular motors. An important issue is to understand how different microtubule cues can collaborate to accurately position the nucleus.

 The Drosophila oocyte is a large polarized cell in which the nucleus is asymmetrically position. This positioning is mandatory for the polarity axis establishment of the future embryo. 

It presents an ideal system to study how different microtubule networks coordinate to generate the forces necessary for positioning the nucleus.


contact : Muriel Grammont