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Crystal structure of Escherichia coli DEAH/RHA helicase HrpB.

Ben-Ge Xin, Wei-Fei Chen, Stephane Rety, Yang-Xue Dai, and Xu-Guang Xi (2018)

Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 504(1):334-339.

RNA helicases are almost ubiquitous important enzymes that take part in multipleaspects of RNA metabolism. Prokaryotes encode fewer RNA helicases than eukaryotes, suggesting that individual prokaryotic RNA helicases may take on multiple roles. The specific functions and molecular mechanisms of bacterial DEAH/RHA helicases are poorly understood, and no structures are available of these bacterial enzymes. Here, we report the first crystal structure of the DEAH/RHA helicase HrpB of Escherichia coli in a complex with ADP*AlF4. It showedan atypical globular structure, consisting of two RecA domains, an HA2 domain and an OB domain, similar to eukaryotic DEAH/RHA helicases. Notably, it showed a unique C-terminal extension that has never been reported before. Activity assaysindicated that EcHrpB binds RNA but not DNA, and does not exhibit unwinding activity in vitro. Thus, within cells, the EcHrpB may function in helicase activity-independent RNA metabolic processes.

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