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Publications (not up to date)

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 107 references in this bibliography folder.

Gandrillon, O, Ferrand, N, Michaille, JJ, Roze, L, Zile, MH, and Samarut, J (1994).
c-erbA alpha/T3R and RARs control commitment of hematopoietic self-renewing progenitor cells to apoptosis or differentiation and are antagonized by the v-erbA oncogene.
Oncogene, 9(3):749-58.

Desbois, C, Gandrillon, O, Samarut, J, and Madjar, JJ (1992).
v-erbB oncogene expression accounts for most variations in protein synthesis after avian erythroblastosis virus infection of chicken embryo fibroblasts: a two-dimensional electrophoresis study.
Electrophoresis, 13(6):383-8.

Diaz, JJ, Gandrillon, O, Hentzen, D, Leguellec, D, Samarut, J, and Madjar, JJ (1989).
Increase in ribosomal protein S6 phosphorylation is due to v-erbB-transforming activity and not to v-erbA mitogenic activity in avian erythroblastosis virus-infected chicken embryo fibroblasts.
Oncogene Res, 4(3):163-75.

Gandrillon, O, Jurdic, P, Pain, B, Desbois, C, Madjar, JJ, Moscovici, MG, Moscovici, C, and Samarut, J (1989).
Expression of the v-erbA product, an altered nuclear hormone receptor, is sufficient to transform erythrocytic cells in vitro.
Cell, 58(1):115-21.

Gandrillon, O, Jurdic, P, Benchaibi, M, Xiao, JH, Ghysdael, J, and Samarut, J (1987).
Expression of the v-erbA oncogene in chicken embryo fibroblasts stimulates their proliferation in vitro and enhances tumor growth in vivo.
Cell, 49(5):687-97.

Hentzen, D, Renucci, A, le Guellec, D, Benchaibi, M, Jurdic, P, Gandrillon, O, and Samarut, J (1987).
The chicken c-erbA proto-oncogene is preferentially expressed in erythrocytic cells during late stages of differentiation.
Mol Cell Biol, 7(7):2416-24.

Jurdic, P, Benchaibi, M, Gandrillon, O, and Samarut, J (1987).
Transforming and mitogenic effects of avian leukemia virus E26 on chicken hematopoietic cells and fibroblasts, respectively, correlate with level of expression of the provirus.
J Virol, 61(10):3058-65.

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