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SFR Biosciences Platforms

The SFR Biosciences (UMS3444/US8) provides biologists, the academic community and industry a shared pool of resources and technical core facilities specialized in four areas of expertise. These core facilities participate in projects funded at national level.

sfr-biosciences.pngThe campus is not the only place running biological research in the Gerland district of Lyon. The expertise of many additional researchers is available ’across the street’ from the Institute for Protein Biology and Chemistry, the laboratory of Immunity and Vaccination to Infections, the laboratory of Retroviruses and Comparative Pathology, and the laboratory of Emergent infections. All these labs, together with the ones of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, are gathered in a network numbered UMS3444 (, where many resources and facilities have been developped to provide all research groups with provileged access to expensive technologies: flow cytometry, microscopy imaging, animal facility, protein production and analysis, confined laboratory space, drosophila and fish genetics.