Quentin Michaudel - Modern Organic Reactions for Precise (Macro)molecular Synthesis


Quentin Michaudel
Assistant Professor   
Department of Chemistry and Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Texas A&M University





Amphi Sciences de la Matière, site Monod

Progress in healthcare, clean energy, and sustainable materials is driven by the synthesis of molecules of ever-increasing complexity. Research in the Michaudel group centers on the invention of polymerization methods that allow for precise control over macromolecular architecture (i.e., monomer composition, molecular weight distribution, stereochemistry) as a means to tailor the properties, function, and recyclability of soft materials. In parallel, my group develops approaches to the functionalization of fine chemicals, including bioactive and drug-like molecules. Our projects are grounded in fundamental mechanistic considerations with an aim to develop synthetic tools applicable to small organic compounds and macromolecules alike. This presentation will cover our recent work in SuFEx click reactions, stereoselective olefin metathesis, and heterocyclic aryne chemistry.