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Soutenance de Daniele Malpetti

Thermodynamique des bosons fortement interagissants : nouveaux regards et approches numériques
When Dec 16, 2016
from 02:00 to 04:00
Where Grande salle CBP
Contact Name Daniele Malpetti
Attendees Daniele Malpetti
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Cold atoms in optical lattices allow to have a unprecedented control of strongly correlated many-body states. For this reason they represent an excellent tool for the implementation of a "quantum simulator", which can be used to realize experimentally several Hamiltonians of systems of physical interest. In particular, they permit the engineering of artificial gauge fields, which gives access to the physics of frustrated magnetism. In this work, we study the thermodynamics of cold atoms both from a theoretical and a numerical point of view. At present days, the most effective method used in this field is the quantum Monte Carlo. But because of the so-called "sign problem" it can only be applied to a limited class of systems, which for example do not include frustrated systems. The interest of this thesis is to develop of a new approximated method based on a Monte Carlo approach. The first part of this work is dedicated to theoretical considerations concerning the spatial structure of quantum and classical correlations. These results allow to develop, in the second part, an approximation called quantum mean-field. This latter allows to propose, in the third part, a numerical method that we call auxiliary-field Monte Carlo and that we apply to some systems of physical interest, among which the frustrated triangular lattice.