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Soutenance de Lucas Menou

Elasticité de capsides virales et défauts topologiques
When Sep 30, 2020
from 02:00 to 04:00
Where Salle des thèses
Contact Name Lucas Menou
Attendees Lucas Menou
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Viruses are in many ways fascinating biological systems. They vary in their structure, their replication methods, and in their target hosts. They are the smallest self-replicating and self-assembling entities on Earth. Viruses are partly made of a proteic shell called the capsid, the most important and interesting component as it encloses their genetic material. The main role of the capsid is to protect the viral genome. As a result and despite their smallness, they have evolved to sustain high external or internal constraints. However, the mechanisms underlying the appearance of viruses (through the shape of capsids) and those that bring their high resistances are still poorly understood. Such problematics are of great interest as they could lead to the development of artifical nanocages promising for gene therapies. During this Ph.D defense, we will enlighten a few aspects of the latter mechanisms.