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Soutenance de Réouven Assouly

Un noeud quantique supraconducteur pour la métrologie quantique
When Dec 06, 2022
from 02:00 to 04:00
Where Salle des thèses
Contact Name Réouven Assouly
Attendees Réouven Assouly
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Progress in physics has gone hand in hand with improvements in measurement precision. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle puts some bounds on the minimum amount of measurement noise but classical measurement devices are generally unable to get very close to this fundamental limit. In this thesis, we showcase three different experiments that push measurements beyond the classical limit. These three experiments are performed using the same superconducting circuit called the quantum node. The first chapters of this thesis are dedicated to presenting the uncertainty principle, the tools circuit quantum electrodynamics provide us to approach this limit and the presentation of the quantum node circuit.

In the first experiment, we show how one can non-destructively resolve the energy of a single microwave pulse down to the single photon. We then perform a tomography of the measured state to show the fundamental principle of quantum back-action. In the second experiment, we devise a scheme using two simulta- neous parametric couplings capable of stabilizing a long-lived electromagnetic mode in a squeezed state well beyond the conventional 3 dB limit. Finally, in the third experiment, we present the first microwave realization of a quantum radar which despite its limited practical applications is a rare example of a quantum metrological improvement robust to noise.