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Soutenance de Sylvain Lacroix

Integrable models with twist function and Affine Gaudin models
When Jul 04, 2018
from 02:00 to 04:00
Where Amphithéâtre Schrödinger
Contact Name Sylvain Lacroix
Attendees Sylvain Lacroix
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This thesis deals with a class of integrable field theories called models with twist function. The main examples of such models are integrable non-linear sigma models, such as the Principal Chiral Model, and their deformations. A first obtained result is the proof that the so-called Bi-Yang-Baxter model, which is a two-parameter deformation of the Principal Chiral Model, is also a model with twist function. It is then shown that Yang-Baxter type deformations modify certain global symmetries of the undeformed model into Poisson-Lie symmetries. Another chapter concerns the construction of an infinite number of local charges in involution for all integrable sigma models and their deformations: this result is based on the general formalism shared by all these models as field theories with twist function. The second part of the thesis concerns Gaudin models. These are integrable models associated with Lie algebras. In particular, field theories with twist function are related to Gaudin models associated with affine Lie algebras. A standard approach for studying the spectrum of quantum Gaudin models over finite algebras is the one of Feigin-Frenkel-Reshetikhin. In this thesis, generalisations of this approach are conjectured, motivated and tested. One of them deals with the so-called cyclotomic finite Gaudin models. The second one concerns the Gaudin models associated with affine Lie algebras.