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Soutenance de Théo Jules

Geometry and mechanics of origamis
When Oct 12, 2020
from 10:00 to 12:00
Where Visioconférence
Contact Name Théo Jules
Attendees Théo Jules
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Origamis are three-dimensional structures obtained by folding a thin sheet following a pre-imprinted pattern of creases. The infinite number of imaginable pattern make the potential for innovation only limited by our understanding of their mechanical properties. I will present my Ph.D. study on the behavior of a single crease produced from a thin plastic sheet. Its elastic deformations are captured by a theoretical model supported by simple load-deformation tests and simulations with finite element methods. The plastic and viscoelastic behavior are then analyzed through both an extension of the elastic model and relaxation experiments under controlled strain. Finally, with a more complex creases pattern named “Curved accordion”, I will showcase the unique shapes obtained by the competition between elasticity and geometry in origamis.