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Solitons and nonlinearity with trapped ions

Haggai Landa (LPTMS)
When Jun 21, 2017
from 10:45 to 12:00
Where room 116
Attendees Haggai Landa
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Atomic ions confined in vacuum and cooled to milliKelvin temperatures form a system with excellent experimental accessibility at the microscopic level. Both quantum mechanical (for a few ions) and complex classical dynamics (with tens of thousands of ions) can be studied with this long-range system. The system parameters can be varied in a wide range, the dimensionality restricted to 1-, 2-, or 3D, and the dynamics can be directly monitored.
I will present some theoretical studies and related experiments from recent years, focusing on two topics;
(i) Discrete solitons (in the form of "kinks" or domain walls) and nonequilibrium driving of soliton ratchets with trapped ions.
(ii) The nonlinear theory of trapped ions subject to a periodic parametric modulation, using Floquet-Lyapunov framework.