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Thermodynamics in presence of quantum measurements

Cyril Elouard (University of Rochester, NY, USA)
When Oct 02, 2019
from 11:00 to 12:00
Where Salle de réunion M7
Attendees Cyril Elouard
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Much progress has been done recently in identifying the consequences of quantum mechanics on thermodynamics. One key differences with classical systems is the disturbance induced by quantum measurement on a measured object. We will present the consequences of this phenomenon in thermodynamics. First, because the measurement process is accompanied with energy and entropy changes of the measured system, a measuring apparatus can be considered a thermodynamic resource that can e.g. fuel quantum engines or refrigerators with no classical analogues. Such engines have different constraints than thermal engines, and can e.g. reach unit efficiency at non-zero power in certain limits.

On the other hand, quantum trajectories, i.e. random sequences of states followed by an open quantum system when its environment is continuously measured provide a powerful paradigm to describe the stochastic thermodynamics of quantum systems and derive quantum versions of the famous fluctuation theorems. In this paradigm, quantum measurement is the fundamental source of randomness, replacing the Brownian motion of classical stochastic thermodynamics. This approach gives new tracks to understand the thermodynamic constraints on various quantum protocols, such that quantum computation algorithms.