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Lost In Fathoms: an Art and Science Collaboration.

Jean-Marc Chomaz (LadHyx, Ecole Polytechnique), Anaïs Tondeur (visual artist)
When Jan 05, 2015
from 11:00 to 12:30
Where Salle Fontaine
Attendees Jean-Marc Chomaz, Anaïs Tondeur
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Anaïs Tondeur and Jean-Marc Chomaz will reflect on a year of collaboration which led to the project LOST IN FATHOMS, an art and science investigation around the disappearance of an Island. In 2012, at the very point where two continents collided, the island of Nuuk disappeared without trace. At the same time, in Brisbane, the 34th International Geological Congress advanced a new era - the Anthropocene: an age where mankind has become a global telluric force. Was the disappearance of Nuuk island a one-off or a direct consequence of the emergence of the Anthropocene? In one year of research involving the oceanographic international community as well as scientists from the hydrodynamics and geophysical fluids laboratories of Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Superieure, and Cambridge University, this project set out to investigate the causes that lead Nuuk Island to disappear from the horizon line. They will discuss how this project challenges our perception of oceanic and geologic time scales and human's impact on the environment and ways this research explores the narrative and profoundly human nature of science through the looking mirror of the fiction.

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