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Cooperativity of driven probes in (un)confined colloidal baths

Vincent Démery (ESPCI)
When Dec 11, 2017
from 11:00 to 12:00
Where Amphi. Schrödinger
Attendees Vincent Démery
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When several probes are driven through a colloidal bath, for example if charged colloids are submitted to an external field in a bath of neutral colloids, they exhibit a cooperative behavior. This means that the external driving induces non-trivial effective interactions between the particles. Here, I will present recent theoretical results on these effects in two situations. In the first, the particles are free to move along the external field but also in the transverse direction, and the driven particles form lanes when the field is applied. I will discuss the properties of these lanes. In the second situation, the particles are confined to a narrow channel so that they cannot pass each other. I will show that the driven particles may bind or unbind, with strong consequences on their mobility.

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