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Infrared aspects of gravity and celestial holography

Andrea Puhm (CNRS & CPT, Ecole Polytechnique)
When Apr 26, 2021
from 11:00 to 12:00
Where Web Seminar
Attendees Andrea Puhm
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Over the past twenty years a detailed holographic structure of quantum gravity in certain negative curvature spacetimes has emerged that allows to study the physics in the bulk of the spacetime via a quantum field theory living on its boundary. This striking bulk/boundary duality has provided theorists with a new tool in tackling how to consistently combine general relativity and quantum physics in negative curvature spacetimes into a quantum theory of gravity, and has moreover found applications to aspects of nuclear, condensed matter and black hole physics. However, it remains an outstanding question whether an underlying holographic structure exists also in positive or zero curvature spacetimes, and in particular in asymptotically flat space which serves as a good approximation to the exterior gravitational field of many processes in our universe. I will discuss recent progress on Celestial Holography which asserts that the quantum gravity scattering matrix in asymptotically flat spacetimes is dual to a conformal field theory living on the celestial sphere at null infinity. This paradigm puts the symmetries of the theory front and center and sheds new light on a universal structure associated with the infrared aspects of gravity which include soft theorems, asymptotic symmetries and memory effects.

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