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Complex fluid flow in porous media

Thibaud Chevalier (CSM group, Aalto University, Finland)
When Dec 15, 2015
from 10:45 to 12:00
Where Centre Blaise Pascal
Attendees Thibaud Chevalier
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Complex fluid flow in porous media have practical applications in very different domains. For instance flows in chemical reactors, two phase flow or heavy oil displacement in soil present  interesting behaviors due to the complex rheological nature of the fluid itself or to the interaction between the fluid and the medium. To tackle this subject, I studied three different systems: yield stress fluids flows, immiscible displacement of nonwetting phase residuals by an imbibing liquid and self-sustained reaction fronts.

In this seminar I will focus on the different flow regimes that can be found in such flows and their underlying avalanche dynamic. I will first show that some flow regimes can be understood from the scaling properties of the non flowing fluid in the medium. I will then look at the avalanche dynamic that can appear in those systems; I will mainly focus on the statistical properties of the bursts. Finally, I will briefly discuss the impact of the local flow behavior on the previous results.

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