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Confinement effect on the dynamics of concentration non-equilibrium fluctuations

Fabrizio Croccolo (Laboratoire des Fluides Complexes et leurs Réservoirs, Université de Pau)
When May 17, 2016
from 10:45 to 12:00
Where Centre Blaise Pascal
Attendees Fabrizio Croccolo
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It is well-known that a macroscopic gradient affects fluctuations in a fluid by making them long-ranged and enhancing their amplitude [1]. The study of fluctuation dynamics by means of Shadowgraph technique [2] reveals that small fluctuations exhibit diffusive lifetimes, while fluctuations larger than a characteristic size live shorter because of gravity, as theoretically [3] and experimentally [4] demonstrated. In this presentation we will report a combination of experimental, theoretical and numerical evidence of a dramatic slowing-down for fluctuations larger than a size dictated by the extent of the system parallel to the gradient [5]. Results from dynamic shadowgraph experiments [4] are complemented by theoretical calculations based on Fluctuating Hydrodynamics [1] and previously developed to investigate the intensity of fluctuations [6], as well as by numerical simulations [7,8]. The experimental data is found to be in excellent agreement with theory and simulations including realistic boundary conditions, demonstrating that the origin of the slowing-down is confinement.

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