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Micro- and Meso-mechanics of dense suspensions under flow

Safa Jamali (Northeastern University)
When Jul 11, 2023
from 11:00 to 12:00
Where Amphi G - Monod
Attendees Safa Jamali
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Dense suspensions commonly exhibit exotic rheological behavior, such as shear thickening in response to large applied deformations. This is exemplified in fun videos of people running on a pool of cornstarch and water, and sinking in while standing still. Naturally, the field of dense suspension mechanics attracts fluid mechanicians and granular physicists together, and thus has been a center of debate and attention for decades. Nonetheless, a consensus is beginning to emerge over the past few years on how a simple mixture of particles and fluid can shear thicken. I will introduce some historical background into the problem, and the physical consequences of two important theories: frictional contacts, and hydrodynamics. I will then use a series of computational and network science tools to gain insight into this complex physical problem. At the particle level, micromechanics of the shear thickening will be discussed with respect to governing forces in different scenarios. At the cluster level, mesomechanics are discussed with regard to the formation and evolution of force and contact clusters and networks.