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Exotic fields and maximal supersymmetry in six dimensions

Victor Lekeu (Imperial College, UK)
When May 13, 2019
from 04:00 to 05:00
Where ENS de Lyon - Salle 117
Attendees Victor Lekeu
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Lundi 13 mai


Title: Exotic fields and maximal supersymmetry in six dimensions

Victor Lekeu (Imperial College, UK)



I will talk about exotic formulations of linearized gravity in six space-time dimensions, which contain self-dual tensor fields of mixed symmetry in place of a metric and provide an interesting geometric description of gravitational duality in four dimensions by rotations in the internal dimensions. These models had been only formulated at the level of the free equations of motion so far; our work concerns the formulation of self consistent action principles for these fields. As in the case of chiral 2-forms, a simple, manifestly covariant action does not exist. This is solved by going to the Hamiltonian picture and losing manifest covariance. Moreover, this construction involves conformal mixed symmetry fields and the construction of the corresponding generalized Cotton tensors.

These results are then used to provide action principles for the maximal N = (4, 0) and N = (3, 1) "exotic supergravities" is six dimensions, including the explicit supersymmetry transformations (still at the free level, however). Much like the type IIA/IIB supergravities in ten dimensions, these give the same model upon dimensional reduction but vary in the chirality of the supersymmetries. I will comment on their conjectured E_6 and F_4 exceptional symmetries and then end with some remarks about the challenges for an interacting theory.

This talk is based on the works 1612.02772, 1711.07448 and 1804.10125.