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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 7 references in this bibliography folder.

Aguilar Sandoval, FA, Geitner, M, Bertin, �, and Bellon, L (2015).
Resonance frequency shift of strongly heated micro-cantilevers
Journal of Applied Physics, 117(23):234503.

Aguilar Sandoval, FA, Sepúlveda, M, Bellon, L, and Melo, F (2015).
High Resolution Viscosity Measurement by Thermal Noise Detection

Drillon, G, Audit, B, Argoul, F, and Arneodo, A (2015).
Ubiquitous human 'master' origins of replication are encoded in the DNA sequence via a local enrichment in nucleosome excluding energy barriers
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 27(6):16.

Laurie, J and Bouchet, F (2015).
Computation of rare transitions in the barotropic quasi-geostrophic equations
New Journal of Physics, 17(015009):25.

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Adhesion energy of single wall carbon nanotube loops on various substrates
Journal of Applied Physics, 117:164309.

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Instabilities and relaxation to equilibrium in long-range oscillator chains
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Pérez-Aparicio, R, Crauste-Thibierge, C, Cottinet, D, Tanase, M, Metz, P, Bellon, L, Naert, A, and Ciliberto, S (2015).
Simultaneous and accurate measurement of the dielectric constant at many frequencies spanning a wide range
Review of Scientific Instruments:A142542RR.

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