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Field theory

François Delduc, Marc Magro, Henning Samtleben

The subject studied by this group evolve around supersymmetric field theories, in particular supergavity and string theories, some of them being integrable (see also section on Integrability (F. Delduc, M. Magro, H. Samtleben)).



At low energies, string theory is described by effective field theories, called supergravities. Our research focuses on the construction and classification of these theories and on their compactifications. Recent developments in generalized and exceptional geometry provide powerful tools for the study of these compactifications.                           


String Theory

String theory is a theory whose goal is to describe nature at the smallest length scales. It replaces the concept of point elementary particles with extended objects of the string type. This theory is at the heart of the unification of fundamental interactions and has had a very important impact on our understanding of quantum field theories, gravitational interaction and geometry. Many research activities of our group are centered around various aspects and applications of this theory.
We have demonstrated the Hamiltonian integrability at the classical level of the string theory on AdS5 x S5. This theory plays a key role in the study of the AdS/CFT correspondence. We have applied integrability methods developed by members of the team and their collaborator (see also the section on Integrability) to construct an integrable deformation of the string theory on the space AdS5 x S5. This work has raised the question of the possibility of going beyond the AdS/CFT correspondence and thus asking whether there exists a dual theory to the integrable deformation of string theory on AdS5 x S5.


Selected Publications


  1. Exceptional Form of D=11 Supergravity, O. Hohm and H. Samtleben, Phys. Rev. Lett.  111, 231601 (2013). [arXiv:1308.1673]

  2. Kaluza-Klein Spectrometry for Supergravity, E. Malek and H. Samtleben, Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 101601 (2020). [arXiv:1911.12640]

  3. Green-Schwarz Mechanism for String Dualities, C. Eloy, O. Hohm, and H. Samtleben,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 091601 (2020). [arXiv:1912.01700]

  4. Integrable deformation of the AdS5 x S5 superstring action, F. Delduc, M. Magro and B. Vicedo, Phys. Rev. Lett.  112, 051601 (2014). [arXiv:1309.5850]

  5. Three-parameter integrable deformation of Z4 permutation cosets, F. Delduc, B. Hoare, T. Kameyama, S. lacroix, M. Magro, JHEP 01 (2019) 109, [arXiv:1811.00453]